Are your products made in a facility that is certified peanut free, gluten free, soy free, dairy free, and vegan?
NO my almond butter is made in a shared kitchen that is not certified free of these allergens. However, I own my equipment and do not process any of these allergens directly on my equipment or use them in my almond butter. Within the next year it is my goal to grow into a facility that is completely free of these allergens so that those with severe allergies can have complete peace of mind consuming Claire's Goodness.

Are your products made in a tree nut free facility?
NO my almond butter contains tree nuts (almonds) and is made in a shared kitchen that may process other tree nuts.

Do your products contain stevia?
YES my almond butter is sweetened with stevia. Allergies are very rare but people allergic to the daisy and ragweed family may be allergic to stevia.


Do your product separate?
It is normal for natural nut butters to have oil separation. However, the separation in Claire’s Goodness is very minimal compared to other nut butters. Simply give it a quick stir if you notice any!

How should I store your product?
Claire’s Goodness can be stored at room temperature or refrigerated.

What is the shelf life of your product?
The shelf life is one year.

Why does your product not have the Certified Organic label?
I have applied for my USDA Organic certification and the process will take several months to complete. In the meantime, my almond butter is still made with only the best USDA certified organic ingredients!

Does your product contain GMOs?
NO my almond butter is GMO free as I use only certified organic and GMO free ingredients.

What does “sprouted” mean?
The sprouting process involves a process of soaking the raw almonds to “awaken” them from their dormant state and grow a sprout. This process helps remove substances that make almonds hard to digest, as well as increasing their nutrient content and bioavailability. After the almonds are sprouted and rinsed, they are dehydrated at a low temperature to keep them stable while preserving their enzymes and nutrients.

Are your nuts pasteurized?
YES my almonds are gently pasteurized for your safety through steam pasteurization. This process just heats the outer shell allowing the precious nutrients to remain untouched, unlike the irradiation and chemical methods used in most conventional almonds that can alter their nutrient content.

Is your product raw?
YES Claire's Goodness is made from raw almonds that are kept at a low temperature throughout the creation process to preserve their raw enzymes and nutrients. Some people argue that pasteurized almonds are not truly raw, but the process of steam pasteurization does not heat the core of the almonds. They are still very much alive and raw as evidenced by being able to grow a sprout!

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